WordPress or Posterous?

J’écrivais le 21 septembre dernier :

I’ve been blogging since 2003 in various professional and personal gigs with multiple blogging platforms. I must have tried them all and found that blogsome (based on WordPress) was (is still) very handsome. Total control over the code and style sheet, but very few plug-ins to work with, since I’m not a programmer per se.

Hence came WordPress itself, the dotcom version that I still use for some other personal stuff, as well as some projects with clients, klogs, etc. Great features, simplicity, more than 60 themes to choose from. But again, the plug-ins issue.

Hence come my actual interrogation. These days, I feel the urge to blog again. I use richardgauthier.blogsome.com as my online resume (in French), but for the rest, my heart is in a swing mood, between two choices : WordPress or Posterous? I wonder if I really need those pesky plug-ins. For my clients, allright. But for myself?

This site is maybe an answer.

I guess I will find it out pretty soon.

J’écrivais ce billet dans un espace Posterous que je venas alors de créer, The Richard Gauthier StreamLab. Or, la réponse ne fut pas longue à venir.

Si Posterous vient tout-emballé (built-in) avec les outils de connexion intégrés Twitter et Facebook Connect (on peut y commenter des billets avec notre identité Twitter ou Facebook), ce n’est pas un outil de gestion des connaissances comme WordPress qui va tellement au-delà d’une simple plateforme de diffusion.

Bref, j’ai eu ma réponse.

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